Singing praises unto the Lord

Southern gospel is our specialty, Serving God is our priority, Winning souls to Christ is our goal.

Our Members
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Lewis Brooks
Mari Clayton
John Nafrady

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Divine Mercy was formed in April 2009 after Lewis Brooks and Art Kinchen, discovered that their experiences and talents were needed in starting this group. They have been in many groups in the past years. After a couple of weeks, Danette Emery became available to join and devote her talent of playing the piano for the group. Then the group went on to discover the talent of Mari Clayton and Randy Yonts, two people that have devoted their time and talents to serve the Lord. In March 2013, John Nafrady joined the group as their lead singer. Art moved on to sing with the heavenly choir in February 2018. We miss him so much. August 2019, God sent Kevin Wring from Salem, Ky. to sing bass for us.The group has a Southern Gospel style and wonderful sounding harmony.
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Kevin Wring