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Southern gospel is our specialty, Serving God is our priority, Winning souls to Christ is our goal.

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Kevin Wring
Hello, everybody! Iím Kevin Wring from Salem, Kentucky. I am proud to be the newest member of Divine Mercy. I joined the group in 2019 as the bass singer. I was raised up around southern gospel music, and followed in my dadís footsteps. He always said he would sing at the drop of a hat, and he would drop the hat! Previously, I sang bass for 18 years with The Hamptons from Livingston County.

I have been married to my wife Darlene for 27 years. We have three sons, Wesley, Elijah and Isaac, and two grandsons, Sawyer and Kaden. We are expecting our third grandson in April, 2020.

I am a Deacon at Dyer Hill Baptist Church, where I sing in the praise band when I am not on the road serving God with Divine Mercy.