Singing praises unto the Lord

Southern gospel is our specialty, Serving God is our priority, Winning souls to Christ is our goal.

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I've Got Jesus By My side
On The Right Way
I've Got Jesus By My Side- I Can't Even Walk-
The Lighthouse- Feelin' Mighty Fine-
He Looked Beyond My Faults- The Ground Is Level-
When My Savior Reached Down- One More River To Cross-
He Touched Me- Pass Me Not
Thank God I'm Saved- Saved By Grace-
I Believe In A Hill Called Mt. Calvary- Mercy Walked In-
Mama's Bible On The Table- Sailing Toward Home-
When God Dips His Love In My Heart- Don't That Sound Like Heaven-
In The Valley- He Wrote My Name-
I Won't Have To Worry- He Locked The Gates-
By Your Grace
Thank God I'm Saved
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I'm On The Right Way- Land Of The Living-
God On The Mountain- I'm An American Christian-
It Wasn't Raining- Good Bye World, Good Bye-
Look For Me At Jesus' Feet- What A Day That Will Be-
Gone- What A Lovely Name